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PICC - "Where Great Minds Meet" - A Convention Centre Dedicated to World Forums

Unmistakably the Putrajaya International Convention Centre or PICC as it is known has become a prominent landmark for the administrative city of Putrajaya. It was built with the sole aim of providing a venue where world leaders could meet and hold talks. In 2005, the centre had the opportunity to test its hospitality, when the Organisation of the Islamic Conference met there to discuss the strengthening of trade and investment relations among member nations.

Built on a vantage point, the PICC is strategically located on top of a hill at Puncak Selatan in Precinct 5 of the city. The building covering a floor area of approximately 135,000 square metres, which is spread over 9 levels.

Inside the centre, the interior of the Heads of State hall has a circular seating arrangement for 80 people within 518 square meters of meeting space, and can accommodate 59 Heads of States and 121 advisors. Rooms for note-takers and bodyguards are located above the meeting space. The hall has also eight interpreter rooms and two en-suite restrooms.

While the Perdana hall can hold about 2,000 for banquet and 5,000 for cocktail functions. Its extensive space with a spacious 9 metre high ceiling allows for large banquets, major ceremonies or various themed events. Two different stages can be added, either in the centre (16m x 16m) or at the south end (24m x 12m)of the hall. Five-star kitchens cater to all categories of cuisine, with the highest levels of hygiene and food presentation.

The largest hall of the convention centre is the plenary, with over 4,123 square metres that can seat up to 2,800 people. It is supplemented by two royal boxes, two public viewing galleries and eight interpreter rooms operating 32 channels.

In the centre of the plenary hall building, the roof emits natural daylight that illuminates the chamber's décor in the mengkuang basket weave design. Excellent acoustics ensure speech intelligibility, while two audio visual screens and the integrated conferencing systems facilitate smooth conference functions.

Unity halls at PICC are of average size, at 38m x 56m (2128 square metres) they can be partitioned by operable walls. Slightly smaller than the plenary hall, these two halls can serve as venues for more intimate banquets, seminars or exhibitions. About 1,200 persons can be seated for banquets and for cocktail functions up to 2,000 persons.
Exhibitions held within the Unity halls can accommodate 136 booths of (9-square metres each). The interior design of the halls is based on the tribal motif concept. Here eight interpreter rooms are available.

In terms of design, PICC takes its unique curvilinear shape from the ancient Malay kite, the wau and the royal silver belt buckle, the pending perak, where the main halls are set in the bejeweled ‘eye’ of the silver belt . All these architectural elements come together to form the concept of unity.