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Borneo's Very First Purpose-Built Convention Centre is on Schedule and will be open for Business in October 2009 at a Cost of RM 195 Million

Right in the heart of the mystical island of Borneo prepare to experience a conference centre like no other. Come October 2009 the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching or BCCK, as it’s fondly known, will open for business.

This will be a unique event venue, featuring world-class facilities. It is the first international purpose-built convention centre on the island of Borneo. Located on a landscaped Isthmus site, surrounded by water and adjacent to a marina that overlooks historic rainforest. BCCK will combine spacious design, flexible and elegant conference halls, administered by a professional and experienced management team.

With due consideration to environmental issues, the architectural team has themed the conference centre to reflect some of the more important rainforest elements of the island. The elegantly shaped roof taking its cue from the shape of the 'ririg' leaf (from a tree found in the rainforest of Borneo), complete with a central conduit to allow rain water to be channeled and collected at either end of the building for irrigation purposes within the grounds and gardens of the centre.

Taking advantage of Kuching's average rainfall of 4,000 mm annually, the water features on opposite ends of the building will come alive on rainy days, as rainwater rolls down the five meter wide central conduit of BCCK's single storey roof, these areas will provide visitors with cool, restful, and interesting places to take a break from business.

Complimenting the outdoor features will be the interior energy-efficient utility systems suchs as the smart lighting, security and life safety fire protection. All of which will come under the 'Energy Star' banner. The BCCK is technically well appointed to carry out world class networking systems. Better data transmissions and clearer calls will be possible with the availability of IP phones and IP conferencing. Soundproof room partitions are used to segregate events without compromising on comfort and ambience.

A main hall of 2,793 sq metres will cater for crowds of up to 5,000 persons, supported by 14 pillar less break out rooms. With the disabled in mind, wheelchair ramps are provided, fitted washroom stalls, and a specially designated elevator are part of the convention centre’s way of making sure all visitors are catered for.

To spearhead the management of BCCK are three highly experienced individuals. They are, Alice Fong as director of sales, Sujoy Dey the director of operations and Alvin Wee is business development manager.

An artist rendition of the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.